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Lambert de Hondt the Elder

Painter and Landscape painter

before 1620 in Mecheln
1665 in Mecheln

One Work by Lambert de Hondt the Elder


A painter of small landscapes and battle pictures, Lambert de Hondt's time and place of birth of are unknown. De Bie and Houbraken do not report about his life and work. De Hondt probably came from Mechelen and worked there all his life, because on 10th February 1665 his widow, Anne Toussaint, remarried in Mechelen. Consequently, De Hondt must have died before then. The fact that he was very probably resident in Mechelen is supported by documents proving that his brother Jan de Hondt I was also a painter working in Mechelen. Jan I apprenticed to Jan Scheppers in 1605 and was married in 1642.