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Peeter Gijsels

Painter, Landscape painter, Still-life painter (male), Animal painter (male) and Figure painter (male)

1621 in Antwerp
1690 in Antwerp

One Work by Peeter Gijsels


Peeter Gysels, christened on 3rd December 1621 as the son of Peeter Gysels and his wife Lucia Adriaens in the St. James's Church in Antwerp, was apprenticed to Jan Boots in 1641 and was accepted as a master in the Antwerp Guild of Saint Luke in 1650. There are no pupils in the Liggeren of the Guild of Saint Luke. On 13th November 1650 Gysels married Joanna Huybrechts. He painted landscapes and funfair scenes in the style of David Vinckboons and Jan Brueghel the Elder, where, according to Houbraken, he also learned and under whose name some of his paintings were sold. Gysel's still lifes with dead game and hunting utensils in the style of Jan Weenix have also been preserved. Due to the strongly differing signatures, Wurzbach doubted, however, that these originated from the same artist as the landscapes and fair scenes.

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