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Anthony van Dyck

Painter, Commercial artist (male), Draughtsman, Portrait painter and History painter (male)

1599 in Antwerp
1641 in London

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Born in 1599 in Antwerp. Already registered in 1610 in Antwerp's Guild of St Luke as a pupil of Hendrik van Balen. Around 1617/18 a pupil of Rubens, with whom he collaborated on numerous commissioned works. In 1620 journeyed to England and Italy, especially Venice and Genoa. 1627 returned to Antwerp, where he increasingly specialised in portrait painting. In 1630 he was appointed court painter to the Infanta Isabella. 1632 another journey to London. His portraits produced at the English court would help define English portrait painting into the eighteenth century. Died in London in 1641.

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