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Annibale Carracci

Painter, Draughtsman, Copperplate engraver and Commercial artist (male)

1560 in Bologna
1609 in Rome

35 Works by Annibale Carracci


Annibale Carracci was born in Bologna in 1560. After being trained as a painter, around 1580 he moved to Parma, where he studied the art of Correggio intensively. Later he repeatedly travelled to Parma and subsequently to Venice as well. Encounter with the art of Titian and Veronese. Carracci established a shared workshop with his cousin Lodovico and his brother Agostino; he also had his own academy in Bologna, with such pupils as Guido Reni, Francesco Albani and Domenichino. From 1588 to 1591 he painted frescoes in the Palazzo Magnani. In 1595 the artist was summoned by Cardinal Odoardo Farnese to Rome, where his major work was the painting of the cardinal's palazzo. With Pietro da Cortona, Carracci is considered to be one of the founders of Roman Baroque painting. He died in Rome in 1609.

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