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Fernando Botero

Painter, Sculptor (male), Illustrator, Draughtsman and College professor (male)

1932 in Medellín

One Work by Fernando Botero


1951 moves to Bogotá. First solo exhibition at the Galerie Leo Matiz, Bogotá. 1952 travels to Europe, starting with Barcelona. Academia San Fernando, Madrid. 1953 atelier in Paris. 1953-1954 Florence, Accademia San Marco. 1955 returns to Bogotá. 1956 moves to Mexico City. 1957 first one-man show in the United States, Washington, DC. 1958-1960 professor of painting at the Art Academy in Bogotá. 1960 moves to New York. Becomes acquainted with de Kooning, Franz Kline, and Mark Rothko. 1966 solo exhibition in the Kunsthalle Baden-Baden. 1973 moves to Paris.