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Leonhard Beck

Painter, draughtsman and lettering artist

ca. 1475 / 1480 in Augsburg
1542 in Augsburg


Leonhard Beck was probably a son of the Augsburg painter Georg Beck, in whose workshop he received his training. In 1501 he is mentioned in a court document as being in Frankfurt am Main with Sigmund Holbein, which suggests that he was working on the high altarpiece for the Dominican Church as an assistant to Hans Holbein the Elder. In 1503 he acquired master status in Augsburg. From 1514 on, together with Burgkmair and Schäufelein, Beck belonged to the circle of artists who worked on the large woodcut projects for Emperor Maximilian I. 127 woodcuts from the 'Weisskunig' are attributed to Beck, also portions of the 'Theuerdank' and the 'Triumphal Procession'. In addition to panel paintings and portraits of Augsburg merchants, Beck also produced wall paintings for Augsburg's Moritzkirche. His style was influenced by that of Hans Burgkmair as well as that of Hans Holbein the Elder.

Persons connected to Leonhard Beck