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Erhard Altdorfer

Draughtsman, Painter, Master builder, Architect (male), Commercial artist (male) and Court painter

ca. 1480 / 1485 in Regensburg
after 1561 in Schwerin

2 Works by Erhard Altdorfer


Erhard Altdorfer's artistic training was influenced by his brother Albrecht, with whom he possibly operated a workshop in Regensburg around 1506. Around 1510 he worked for the Austrian monasteries Lambach, St Florian, and Klosterneuburg. In 1512 he moved to Schwerin, where he worked as court painter and architect to Duke Heinrich "the Peaceable" von Mecklenburg. A less independent artist than his brother Albrecht, he had a greater tendency to take up and incorporate different influences. Though at first these came from Albrecht Altdorfer, after his move to Schwerin his work was mainly under the influence of the Cranach workshop.

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