Triptych with the Crucifixion, Saints and Donors, North Netherlandish Master ca. 1530, Jan Swart;   ?
North Netherlandish Master ca. 1530orJan Swart
Triptych with the Crucifixion, Saints and Donors
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North Netherlandish Master ca. 1530
orJan Swart

Triptych with the Crucifixion, Saints and Donors, 1530 – 1540

Rechter Flügel
max. 127 x 33.5 cm
minimum height
102.7 cm
Physical Description
Mixed technique on oak
Inventory Number
LG 74C
On permanent loan from Evangelische Hoffnungsgemeinde Frankfurt am Main
On display, 2nd upper level, Old Masters, room 2


About the Work

Until recently, this important triptych by a northern Netherlandish painter hung unrecognized and ignored in the Protestant Church of St Matthew at the edge of Frankfurt’s station district. Following extensive conservation and restoration it is now on permanent loan to the Städel a splendid example of pre-iconoclasm Dutch painting. It combines Netherlandish pictorial tradition with motifs and stylistic elements borrowed from Italian art.


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