Transzendentaler Konstruktivismus, Anna & Bernhard Blume
Anna & Bernhard Blume
Transzendentaler Konstruktivismus
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Anna & Bernhard Blume

Transzendentaler Konstruktivismus, 1992 (1994)

126 x 82 cm
Physical Description
Gealtine-silver print on PE-paper
Inventory Number
DZF 52a
Collection DZ BANK at the Städel Museum
Not on display


About the Work

This artist duo engages in an indoor battle against the unleashed objects which are actively threatening them. People and things crash against the walls and doors in the domestic magnetic field. Rapid panning with the camera dissolves the contours. The sparks are flying in the deceptive idyll and in the woods, at home sweet home and in the German forest. As honest, upright citizens, Anna and Bernhard Blume act out the tempestuous roles of an explosive relationship. Bodies and things rotate in a vortex of light and shade in order to link together in large formats with shadowy constructed forms. With the Blumes, the turbulences occurred in the photographic series they created between 1992 and 1994, entitled 'Transcendental Constructivism'. This is how things look when Neo-Dadaists discover the ecstasy and hysteria in everyday life together as causes of paraphysical sensations. The phototechnical simulation of centrifugal forces also has a comic side: Blume & Blume, apparently maltreated by elemental energies, appear as pantomime characters in the vortex of the neurotically cast components of their family photo novella.

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