Portrait of Ruprecht Thenn (1512-1545), Master of the Portraits of the Thenn Children, Wolf Huber;  workshop ?
Master of the Portraits of the Thenn Children, Wolf Huber
Portrait of Ruprecht Thenn (1512-1545)
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Master of the Portraits of the Thenn Children
Wolf Huber workshop

Portrait of Ruprecht Thenn (1512-1545), 1516

43.1 x 33.9 x min. 0.8 cm
maximum depth
0.8 cm
Physical Description
Mixed technique on limewood
Inventory Number
SG 450
Acquired in 1928
On display, 2nd upper level, Old Masters, room 4


About the Work

In 1516 the Salzburg mint master Johann Thenn had portraits painted of three of his children. This picture shows his son Ruprecht, who was about four at the time, in three-quarter profile and posing as a falconer. His left hand is raised and holds a small white fabric bag, the falconer's lure. Perched on his gloved right hand, though, is not a bird of prey, but a harmless sparrow. Around his neck, the child is wearing a coral chain with a golden medallion showing the figure of a saint, probably a pilgrim's badge. In the background can be seen an Alpine landscape with snow-capped mountains beneath an almost cloudless sky.

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