Hamlet and Horatio in the Churchyard, Victor Müller
Victor Müller
Hamlet and Horatio in the Churchyard
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Victor Müller

Hamlet and Horatio in the Churchyard, 1868

212 x 154 cm
Physical Description
Oil on canvas
Inventory Number
Acquired in 1894
Not on display


About the Work

An art commission: in 1868 Victor Müller signed a contract with Bruckmann, the Munich art publishers, concerning his involvement in a Shakespeare cycle. The paintings were to be sold and their reproductions distributed at the same time in large numbers via the trade. It was obvious that the artist would have to meet the expectations of the conservative purchasing sector. "The overall result is a vast excess of emotions. Melancholy, elegiac, smug, unhappy: in short, decidedly weird," complained Müller about his work. This was not the right place for radical picture solutions.

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