Dynamische Struktur weiß, Heinz Mack
Heinz Mack
Dynamische Struktur weiß
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Heinz Mack

Dynamische Struktur weiß, 1960

85 x 88 cm
Physical Description
Oil on untreated cotton
Inventory Number
Deutsche Bank Collection at the Städel Museum
Not on display


About the Work

Oil paint and untreated cotton: Heinz Mack was also dependent upon the material world when it came to his materials. His artistic programme, however, aimed at their dissolution in light, rhythm and movement. The longer the viewer gazes at the structure of the picture, the more strongly his gaze will be set into flickering motion by the constantly changing structures. 'Dynamic Structure White' is part of an early group of works, created between 1957 and 1963, in which Mack made use of picture supports that are comparatively more traditional, that is to say, more textile-based. The work was created in the context of the Düsseldorf artists' group ZERO (1957-1966), which he co-founded and which aimed to establish a link between the factors of space, time, movement, light and colour. In this sense, serial structure as a design element - later in conjunction with industrial technologies and materials - opens up a vibrating, immaterial space. The art of ZERO reflects not least a fascination with technology associated with the post-war 'economic miracle' of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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