BMC-7, Frank Nitsche
Frank Nitsche
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Frank Nitsche

BMC-7, 1999

155 x 135 cm
Physical Description
Oil on canvas
Inventory Number
Acquired in 2012 as a gift from Frank and Ralf Lehmann
On display, lower level, Contemporary Art, room 25


About the Work

"BMC-7", a pictorial construction of curved lines, surfaces and forms, seems extremely peculiar despite the pastel colouring and the smooth colour transitions. Like the numerically abbreviated title, the abstract structure cannot be deciphered. It consists of fragments of several pictures that Frank Nitsche has taken from newspapers and magazines and painted together in such a way that a new form emerges that does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the origin of the parts. Only in the artist's studio does the inventory of the pictures reveal itself. There, Nitsche has compiled an enormous database in which images of terror, accidents and environmental catastrophes can be seen in the immediate vicinity of film shots and images of medical interventions – a mixture of images that, in Nitsches' adaptation, acquires an elegant yet unsettling lightness.

About the Acquisition

The brothers Frank and Ralf Lehmann can look back with pride on the long existence of their gallery. They work today in two locations, Dresden and Berlin. After starting their activities from their own flat, the gallery was then officially founded by Ralf Lehmann in 1989, shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, initially with a main focus on East German painting. Before long his brother, Frank, also joined in. Aside from the artist Eberhard Havekost, their programme includes Frank Nitsche - both of whom studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden and now rank among the internationally renowned representatives of German painting.

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