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Jesús Rafael Soto

Painter, sculptor (male) and kinetic artist

1923 in Ciudad Bolívar
2005 in Paris

One Work by Jesús Rafael Soto


1942-47 College of Visual Arts, Caracas. 1947-50 director of the Maracaibo art school, Venezuela. 1949 first one-man show in Caracas. 1950 moved to Paris. 1951 trip to Holland. 1954 meets Jean Tinguely and visits Victor Vasarely. 1956 first solo show at Denise Renee123's, Paris. 1958 first encounter with Yves Klein. 1959 took part in the exhibition 'Vision in Motion - Motion in Vision' with the group ZERO in Antwerp and in the group's following shows. 1965 first one-man show in the United States at the Kootz Gallelry, New York. 1966 Venice Biennale. 1968 retrospective at the Kunsthalle Bern. 1969 founding of the Fundación Jesús Soto. 1973 opening of the Museo de arte moderne de la Fundación Jesús Soto, Ciudad Bolívar.