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Salomon Rombouts

Painter, Landscape painter and Draughtsman

1655 in Haarlem
ca. 1702 in Florence (?)

One Work by Salomon Rombouts


"Salomon Rombouts was christened on 10th March 1655 in Haarlem. He received his education from his father, the landscape painter Gillis Salomonsz. Rombouts, who was married to Maritgen Govertsdr. van Eyl. It is not known when he joined the Haarlem Guild of Saint Luke. It is documented that he was in Amsterdam in 1678 where he received his paternal inheritance. Around 1680 he travelled to Italy. According to records, he was in Florence in 1690. His date of death is unspecified, but the Haarlem painter Vincent Laurensz. van der Vinne entered the name of Rombouts in his list of known colleagues in the Guild of Saint Luke and noted with a ""d"" (= dood) that he had died. Thus the date of Van der Vinne's death, 25th August 1702, indicates the terminus ante quem.

The landscapes of Salomon Rombouts are in the tradition of Haarlem landscape painting and not only refer to the works of his father, but also to Roelof van Vries. The forest landscapes and winter scenes that he mainly painted reveal the influence of Jacob van Ruisdael and Meindert Hobbema."

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