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Liubov S. Popova

Painter (female), Artisan (female), Set designer (male), Fashion designer, Designer (female), Book artist (female) and Commercial artist (female)

1889 in Ivanovskoe
1924 in Moscow

One Work by Liubov S. Popova


Liubov Sergyevna Popova was born in 1889 in Ivanovskoe, near Moscow. She received training from 1907 to 1908 in the private ateliers of Stanislav Zhukovsky, Konstantin Yuon and Ivan O. Dudin. In 1912 she worked with Vladimir Tatlin in his Moscow atelier. She travelled to Paris and studied there at the Académie de la Palette. In 1914 she took part in an exhibition of the artists’ group Knave of Diamonds, and on a trip to France and Italy she came into contact with Futurism. She became an important member of the Russian avant-garde, which produced Cubo-Futurist Constructivist works. A year later Popova was represented at The Last Futurist Exhibition of Paintings 0.10. In 1916 she became a member of the artists’ group Supremus around Kasimir Malevich and his Suprematist art. In 1918 she became a professor at the art and technical schools Svomas and Vkhutemas. In 1920 she designed stage sets, costumes and marionettes. In 1921 she signed a proclamation of artists who were designing for mass production. In 1923 she designed clothing, posters, book bindings and porcelain. Popova died in Moscow in 1924.

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