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Zoran Music

Draughtsman, Design draughtsman, Commercial artist (male) and Painter

1909 in Görz
2005 in Venice

2 Works by Zoran Music


1915-1918 flight to Styria. 1918-1920 return to Gorizia. 1920-1935 moves to Völkermarkt (Carinthia). Brief stay in Vienna. Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb. 1935-1936 journey to Spain. Visits the Prado in Madrid. 1943 stay of several weeks in Venice. 1944 arrested in Venice by the Gestapo. Transferred to Trieste, then interned in the concentration camp at Dachau. 1945 liberation of the camp. 1946 return to Venice. 1948 'Venice Biennale' (and several subsequent ones). Encounters with Oskar Kokoschka, Marc Tobey and others. Travels through Italy and Switzerland. 1952 makes Paris a second residence in addition to Venice. Brassai lets him use the former atelier of Chaim Soutine. 1955 'documenta 1', Kassel. 1956-1957 stays in Dalmatia. 1961 spends the summer in Cortina. 1972-1973 stay on the Côte d'Azur. Numerous travels and one-man shows.