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Abraham Mignon

Painter, flower painter (male) and still-life painter (male)

1640 in Frankfurt am Main
1679 in Utrecht

2 Works by Abraham Mignon


The Calvinist Mignon family originally came from Hainaut. After fleeing from the re-catholicised Southern Netherlands, they settled in Frankfurt am Main. There Abraham Mignon was baptised on 21st June 1640. When the family moved to Wetzlar in 1649, Abraham remained in the care of Jacob Marrel, a still life painter and art dealer. He had already frequently visited Utrecht prior to settling there with his pupil before 1664. In 1669 Mignon joined the Utrecht Guild of Saint Luke and worked for the still life painter Jan Davidsz. de Heem. After his move to Antwerp in 1672 Mignon possibly took over the workshop. In 1675 he married Maria Willaerts, granddaughter of Adam Willaerts, a marine painter who also lived in Utrecht. He maintained the strict Calvinist faith of his parents and was elected deacon of the French-speaking Walloon community in Utrecht in 1672. He died in Utrecht on 26th March 1679. Abraham Mignon specialised mainly in still lifes, which included flower and fruit pieces as well as hunting still lifes.

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