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Hendrik Meyer

Painter, Landscape painter, Commercial artist (male), Engraver, Etcher, Aquatint etcher (male), Draughtsman, Watercolourist (male) and Academy director

1744 in Amsterdam
1793 in London

13 Works by Hendrik Meyer


"Hendrik Meyer was christened in Amsterdam on 30th September 1744. His artistic career began with his entry into the Amsterdam Tekenacademie in 1764, which he attended for four years. In 1769 he settled in Haarlem, where he became a member of the Guild of Saint Luke on 6th June 1769 and founded a wallpaper factory. In the Haarlem Tekenacademie, which was founded in 1772, he took over the office as director. In 1775 he made his first trip to London with Wybrand Hendriks. After his return he settled in Leiden, where he stayed for seven years until he moved to Amsterdam in 1788. The following year Meyer returned to London, where he was buried on 6th March 1793.

Meyer mainly painted landscapes in the style of Jacob Cats with a partly somewhat awkward animal and figure staffage. In addition, several depictions of months and seasons have survived. Besides painted wall coverings, there are also drawings and etchings by his hand."

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