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Master of the Morrison Triptych



2 Works by Master of the Morrison Triptych


The "Master of the Morrison Triptych" was first identified as an independent artistic personality by Max J. Friedländer in 1928. The painter was named after a triptych with the enthroned Madonna in a circle of angels and accompanied by the two Johns, which is now in the Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio. Friedländer himself was already aware of the problem of this work as an eponym of the name, as the "Master of the Morrison Triptych" copied Hans Memling's altar in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. The triptych with the Madonna in the Circle of Saints in the National Gallery in London therefore offers a more direct access to the painter's style. The artist, who may have come from the northern Netherlands, belongs to the circle around Quentin Massys, though it remains to be seen whether he was his pupil in the narrow sense of the word.