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Karl Friedrich Lippmann

Painter, Flower painter (male), Landscape painter, Portrait painter, Draughtsman, Architectural draughtsman and Lithographer

1883 in Offenbach am Main
1957 in Offenbach am Main
New Objectivity

4 Works by Karl Friedrich Lippmann


1900-1902 applied art schools in Offenbach am Main and Berlin. 1903-1906 attends the private academy of Anton Azbe, Munich. 1906-1907 Städel School, Frankfurt am Main. 1913 moves to Frankfurt. 1924-1927 study trips to Italy and southern France. 1944 moves to Eichstätt (Bavaria). 1954 collective exhibition in the Offenbach art school. After 1955 resides in Offenbach.

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