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Hans von Kulmbach

Painter, Draughtsman, Design draughtsman and Portrait painter

ca. 1485 in Kulmbach
1522 in Nuremberg

8 Works by Hans von Kulmbach


Kulmbach, born Hans Wagner in Upper Franconia and named after his birthplace, received his training, like Dürer before him, in the workshop of Michael Wolgemut in Nuremberg. Between 1500 and 1503, he first worked as an assistant to Jacopo de' Barbari in Nuremberg and subsequently in the workshop of Albrecht Dürer. He acquired citizenship in Nuremberg in 1511. Between 1510 and 1516, he resided temporarily in Kraków, where he produced the paintings for three winged altars. In 1513, Kulmbach painted a votive panel for Provost Lorenz Tucher in St Sebaldus in Nuremberg after a design of Dürer's, considered his most important work. He produced numerous designs for stained glass, in part on commission from Emperor Maximilian I and Markgraf Casimir von Brandenburg-Kulmbach. Kulmbach's art was greatly influenced by that of his teacher, Dürer. He is considered one of the leading designers of stained-glass windows in Nuremberg. There are also a small number of drawings on secular and classical subjects.

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