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Jan van den Hoecke

Painter, Flower painter (male), Draughtsman, Tapestry maker and Textile artist (male)

1611 in Antwerp
1651 in Antwerp (oder Brüssel)

One Work by Jan van den Hoecke


As the second son of the painter Caspar van den Hoecke and his first wife Margaretha van Leemput, Jan van den Hoecke was christened on 4th August 1611 in Sint Joriskerk in Antwerp. Like his younger half-brother Robert, Van den Hoecke first learned in his father's workshop. He then became a pupil of Rubens and, under his father's direction, took part in the festive decorations for the arrival of the Spanish Cardinal Infante in Antwerp in 1635. Van den Hoecke then went to Rome, where he was influenced by Guido Reni. According to De Bie, he was highly regarded in cardinal circles and was also commissioned to make copies. In 1644 he is listed as a member of the "Virtuosi al Pantheon". After his return, Van den Hoecke worked in Vienna and later in Brussels in the service of Archduke Leopold Wilhelm. In Antwerp he became a member of the Guild of Romanists and married Clara van Woonsel on 5th August 1648. He died in Antwerp or Brussels in 1651.

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