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Nicolas van Haeften

Painter, Genre painter (male), Miniaturist, Etcher, Commercial artist (male), Mezzotint engraver, Copperplate engraver, Lettering artist and Writer

ca. 1663 in Gorinchem
1715 in Paris

One Work by Nicolas van Haeften


Nicolas van Haeften (also Nicolas Walraven van Haften or Haften) was born around 1663 in Gorkum. After he had probably stayed in Antwerp, he moved to Paris in 1694, as documented by a dated engraving by his hand. In 1714 his son was christened there. He himself died on 20th February 1715. In addition to a few paintings, etchings and mezzotints dated between 1694 and 1709 have been preserved from Van Haeften. He concentrated mainly on genre paintings.