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Augustin Félix Fortin

Draughtsman, Painter, Landscape painter, History painter (male), Genre painter (male) and Sculptor (male)

1763 in Paris
1832 in Paris

One Work by Augustin Félix Fortin


Born in Paris in 1763. He first trained as a painter, sculptor, and lithographer under the sculptor Felix Lecomte, then beginning in 1777 as a pupil in the école des Elèves Artistes. He was awarded the Rome Prize in 1783 and left for Italy. In Rome he became acquainted with J.-L. David. After being admitted into the Paris Academy in 1789, he regularly exhibited at the Salon until 1824. He collaborated on the sculptures of the Louvre, the Pantheon and the Arc de Triomphe du Caroussel. He died in Paris in 1832.