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Arthur Fauser

Painter, Commercial artist (male), Form cutter, Dramaturge, Writer (male), Author of radio plays, Bank employee and Office worker

1911 in Kollnau
1990 in Frankfurt am Main

4 Works by Arthur Fauser


1921-1927 training as a house painter in Reutlingen. 1927-1929 bank training. 1930 stay in Locarno. Active as a writer. 1931 first exhibition in the Galerie Reckendorf, Berlin. 1935-1936 works in the Sautter printing shop, Reutlingen. 1937 founding of the cabaret 'Zur Dachluke' (At the Skylight), Berlin. 1939 moves to Frankfurt am Main. 1953 co-founder of the 'Frankfurt Secession'. 1958 travels to France, Italy and Yugoslavia.

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