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Elisabeth Sophie Chéron

Painter (female), miniature painter, portrait artist, pastel artist (female), draughtswoman, copperplate engraver (female), commercial artist (female), musician (female), poet (female), lapidary, gem cutter (female) and gem cutter

1648 in Paris
1711 in Paris

One Work by Elisabeth Sophie Chéron


E. S. Cheron first learned painting in enamel from her father, and found success as a miniature painter and portraitist. In 1672 she was introduced into the Academy by Charles Le Brun and was accepted as a member in 1676 on the basis of a portrait of Le Brun as her 'tableau de réception'. She was especially interested in ancient cameos, which she copied in great numbers and published as a graphic series of 41 sheets beginning in 1709. As early as 1706, she created a drawing book, 'Livre de principes à dessiner', consisting of thirty-six engravings after her designs, some of which she had produced herself.

In addition to visual art, she devoted herself successfully to poetry, so that in 1699, under the name 'Erato', she was inducted into the Accademia dei Recovrati in Padua.

Although E. S. Cheron had no role in the official art scene, she exemplifies what a broad-minded female artist might achieve in Paris in her time.