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Emil Bizer

Painter, Commercial artist (male), Draughtsman, Etcher and College professor (male)

1881 in Pforzheim
1957 in Badenweiler

One Work by Emil Bizer


1900-1901 stays in London and Paris. 1904 moves to Baden-Baden. Pupil of the woodcarver Rudolf M. Treumann. Attends the drawing class at Karlsruhe's Art Academy. Study trips to Switzerland and France. 1912 moves to Badenweiler. Repeated stays in Berlin. Contact with Karl Hofer and Renée Sintenis. 1922 first one-man show in the Galerie Möller, Berlin. 1927 co-founder of the 'Baden Secession' and member until its dissolution in 1936. 1946-1949 first president of the re-established 'Baden Secession'. 1949 professorship at the Akademie der bildenden Künste, Freiburg.

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