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Art & Language

1968 in Coventry

One Work by Art & Language


Art & Language is an association of artists founded in Great Britain in 1968 that has greatly promoted the development of Conceptual Art. Among its founding members were Terry Atkinson and Michael Baldwin. In 1969 they began publishing the journal Art-Language as a place to present their texts. Joseph Kosuth was its American editor. The first issue contained texts by Dan Graham and Sol LeWitt. In 1970 the group joined forces with the New York Society for Theoretical Art and Analysis. Art & Language questions the social status of the art object and art criticism, and creates analogies between art and language. In addition to theoretical studies, it also produces Conceptual Art. In 1976 Mel Ramsden and Michael Baldwin experimented with phonetic qualities for the transmission of conceptual texts in collaboration with the jazz-rock-punk-improv group Red Crayola. From 1977 paintings have been created that deal critically with artistic issues.